The Swinerton Foundation 2020 Annual Report

Letter From The President

2020 was demanding on many different levels; however, our commitment to local communities and charities remained unwavering. As a result, The Swinerton Foundation was able to donate over $1.5M to organizations that are making significant positive impacts in neighborhoods throughout the U.S.

Thank you for all your support and generosity, especially during these challenging times. These are the moments when those most vulnerable in our society need our help the most. One of the
things that makes me most proud about being the President of the Foundation, is that we donate our resources to the organizations that Swinerton employees already support, with their time and their monies. We do not accept external solicitations for our grants. Our funds go towards charities that employees are most passionate about.

It warms my heart that we have a platform upon which we can partner with non-profit organizations to support programs that benefit all members of the community. We will continue towards our goal to encourage and expand our philanthropic endeavors and support the endeavors of Swinerton employees.   Thank you for being on this journey.


Lori Dunn-Guion
The Swinerton Foundation President