Updated 5/18/2020


On May 5, Giving Tuesday Now will officially begin. This global movement of giving and unity is an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

For one day only, The Swinerton Foundation will double its match for all donations made to eligible charities in Swinerton Cares. That means for every dollar an employee donates, the Foundation will donate two.

Join us in supporting nonprofits across the U.S., so they may continue their mission to help those in need.


Updates to The Swinerton Foundations Giving Tuesday:

Thank you for your generosity on Giving Tuesday Now. Donations made to eligible charities through Swinerton Cares on May 5 received a 2:1 match and The Swinerton Foundation extended this match opportunity for another day on May 7. Results are as follows:

Total donated by employees: $52,610.30
Foundation match: $98,835.20
Dollars for Doers Rewards donated: $6,544.50
Grand total: an impressive $157,990!

Congratulations on making a difference.